Confessions of a Photographer’s Mind

Is there something called a photographer’s block?

There has to be.

Or consider it invented now.

As you will have noticed, we cheated just a bit last week. We gave you a highly informative post on city borders, but no original photos.

Ouch. Most of you bloggers out there will know what it takes to keep up with publishing one post a week… still, we want to make up for it.

Here is an image of a European town. This is the place where Bjorn went happy-go-lucky with his Panasonic Lumix. It was his first upgrade from the Canon Powershot. I can safely say that it drove me insane at first. It is nice to admire a beautiful flower, but hovering over each one for half an hour?! Being a spoil sport was no option for me either, just the look on Bjorn’s face was enough for me. By the end of this holiday, our new hobby was born: I would start using Bjorn’s Panasonic and he went on to buy himself a Pentax DSLR.

So, let’s get those grey cells cracking. Do you know which town this is? Think European. Flowers. Colourful. Any guesses? Anybody? Let us know!

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Photographer’s Mind

  1. LOL!!!! Leo, you’re a star! The World Record is yours! After thorough research on your part, you have correctly pointed out the first ‘Guess the Town’ on our blog. The correct answer is: Funchal (Madeira).

    Hurrah! The record is now officially: 59 hrs and 41 minutes.

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