#9 – Cityscapes & Skylines

Ten Things to Love about Dutch Towns

#09 – Skylines and Cityscapes
#10 – Coffee

What is the difference between a skyline and a cityscape? According to Merriam Webster:

Cityscape – a city viewed as a scene, or, an artistic representation of a city

Skyline – an outline (as of buildings or a mountain range) against the background of the sky

Dutch masters have always painted beautiful cityscapes of Dutch towns. Johannes Vermeer with his Gezicht op Delft in late 17th century. Isaac Israels made several paintings of Scheveningen (The Hague) in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Today’s graphic designers make wonderful images of Dutch city skylines. Google the skyline of several Dutch towns, especially The Hague and Haarlem, and you will find wonderful images of skylines. We will not reproduce them here as many are under strict copyright rules. Better yet, we would rather show you our own photos of cityscapes and skylines. This is very much an exercise in progress for us. We will be focusing more on cityscapes and skylines in the towns we visit in the (near) future.

Unsurprisingly, you will notice that Dutch towns cityscapes and skylines are often if not mostly dominated by churches and church spires. However, in case of The Hague, for example, you see more and more modern elements like skyscrapers entering the skyline as you can see in our post The Hague City Walk). No more talking now, just enjoy some photos in this category so far:

View on Rapenburg, Leiden

Reflections on Haarlem

Peace Palace, The HagueUtrecht University Hall


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