Eye-Catcher of The Hague

There was only one place in The Hague during our visit, that we both had the same response at exactly the same time. WOW!

We found a bench and sat down, still gazing at the space around us. We forgot to take photos, until a tram came by and Bjorn quickly arranged his camera and managed a beautiful shot you can find in the photo gallery and the guide (or click the link below).

The eye-catcher of The Hague is not a triumphant skyscraper marching fearlessly towards the endless skies. It is a cave in the heart of a bustling city, an underground citadel of wood, cement, stone and boundless beauty. Yes, we like it.

Officially called the Souterrain, it is better known by locals as “Tram stop Spui” or, “Tramtanic”, referring to the time when the tunnel was built and a large hole appeared, not long afterwards the tunnel flooded with water… To find out how impressive this tunnel has turned out, despite the set backs, read the entry in Guide to The Hague.


2 thoughts on “Eye-Catcher of The Hague

  1. Hallo Horas! Heel erg leuk om van je te horen en dat onze foto’s in de smaak vallen! Veel dank dat we bij je mochten fotograferen in Van Prinse & Co en we komen graag de volgende keer weer bij je ontbijten of lunchen, het was heerlijk! Groetjes, Bjorn en Ingrid

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