The Hague City Walk

End of September we took the train to The Hague, for a nice weekend full of photography. The gods were in a good mood and organized the most glorious sunshine we have ever seen at the end of September. With the prospect of warm weather, we decided to travel light. In terms of our kit, we only took our camera’s, enough batteries and an extra lens. No tripods, no flashes, no fancy stuff…

In The Hague, architecture rules. There are centuries of styles and trends and together they create a skyline that works, that fits, that is easy to recognize. You will see shining new skyscrapers in New York fashion, elegant palaces of days gone by, modern squares and old-fashioned streets. Admittedly, the light wasn’t always easy, but having a blue sky in the picture always looks better.

Must See

Binnenhof – this square it is not very photogenic as far as we are concerned. We hastily add that you have to sit down on one of the benches and look around, to feel the history in every corner, to realize that this is the seat of Dutch government for over six centuries now!

Vredespaleis (The Peace Palace)- it is a matter of opinion whether you like this building or not. One of us liked it, the other not so much… It looks as if it has been around for centuries, yet it is only about 100 years old. It was donated by Andrew Carnegie to The Hague and it is most famous for being the seat for International Law.

Haagse Bluf – a hidden gem in the heart of The Hague. Drink a cup of coffee in this peaceful square, before heading back into the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets.

Tram and Parking Spui. Walk down the steps into another world. This is architecture by Rem Koolhaas. We think it is fabulous, amazing, incredible architecture at its best. Lines, materials, space. It is simply gorgeous. We just sat admiringly for over half an hour and almost forgot to take photos.

Accommodation & Restaurants

Van Prinse & Co

Check in for the night was at Park Hotel in Hofkwartier, just behind the main shopping streets. At the front a busy street at night with bars and restaurants. We had a recently renovated room at the back that was very peaceful and quiet. An excellent hotel to stay if you want to explore the city centre by foot!

Breakfast: Van Prinse & Co. Highly recommended! Horas and Wanda, thank you for your hospitality, great food and coffee, and for kindly letting us take pictures of your cozy place!

Lunch, Drinks: Juni (great lunch, though a bit expensive), Bagel & Beans (large choice of bagels and toppings), Kaldi (great coffee)

Diner: Rootz. Belgian style café and restaurant. Great Belgian food and beers.

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