Walking Around Utrecht

Utrecht was our first port of call in January 2011. Conditions were dreary. Lots of grey clouds and drizzly rain. Did I mention the temperature? It was cold. Really, really cold.

Yet the grey clouds ensured we had soft light to work with. One of us decided on black and white photography for the whole weekend. That’ll teach you to think in terms of contrast! The other decided to buy a new prime lens. With this kind of lens, you have to think carefully how to get the best shot. You have to walk around for the perfect spot and you can’t cheat by zooming in or out!

Must See

The Dom church, tower and cloister gardens. Come sun or rain, it is always worth your while. We’re talking centuries worth of history here.

Sunday Morning – just leisurely stroll through the city centre and along the canals on Sunday morning. That’s when you see the city at it’s most beautiful and most peaceful.

Central Museum – with the wonderful Rietveld exhibition. We didn’t have time for the Dick Bruna and Nijntje (Miffy) museum!

Utrecht University Museum – this is a gem just around the corner of the Central museum. If you go to the Central museum, please don’t skip this one. Or better yet, skip the central museum and visit the university museum first! It has a great exhibition set up and is located next to the botanical gardens. Go and visit!

Of course, there are lots more ‘must sees’ in Utrecht, Oudaen, Catherijne Convent etc. But we didn’t have time for them!

Accommodation & Restaurants

Check-in was at Karel V hotel. They have a wonderful arrangement called Trajectum Lumen. You get a room for one night in the hotel. They also give you a map and torchlight that allows you to discover the light artwork of Utrecht by night. The map for this route is also available from the tourist office. Not all light art is that great, but some are really clever and/or beautifully projected!

Other restaurants and warm places away from the rain: Lokaal de Reünie, Brasserie Domplein, River Kwai.


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